Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Radiation in the environment

We all are worried about weakened immune systems, infertility and birth defects. Well radiation does all that. We know that, right? Here is a list of symptoms from what radiation therapy patients experience at It does not talk about the cancers that radiation induces. This website by the EPA has a nice radiation thermometer you can check out, which does! It is super fun! Weirdly, background radiation doubled from what I was taught (3 mSv now 6mSv?? Maybe next year they will teach 12 mSv as background for reference?) So sadly, their data is over 10 years old and does not account for multislice-CT scanners, and multiple exams on one person over a lifetime, let alone a year. Each scan adds to the cumulative lifetime dose for a patient that could end up as a cancer, on top of the environmental exposure to radiation and carcinogens in the air.

Here are some interesting facts provided by the the government:

(There are some great videos down below if looking at data might be boring)

This first one is very interesting and comes from:

Indoor Radon seems pretty dangerous, nearly as much as just a SINGLE Abdominal CT, pretty close to the fallout from the Iodine seen in a fallout event? Really? 

Next Fact, about air pollution and cancer risk

This is old data about the food we eat and the air we breathe, which was more toxic than Benzene years ago. What the heck are dioxins and furans? Pesticides. Why is there formaldehyde in our air? Car Pollution.
Well what has actually happened with the air sensors that monitor radiation in the air? This is from the EPA, which has been dismantled by the current administration, likely because of the use of, brilliantly, water soluble radioactive I-131 among other isotopes in the oil industry, particularly fracking: See:


These are the actual sensor Data for Portland in 2007

This is sensor data from 2019 in Portland, Oregon. Notice how much more radiation they are detecting (the last columns are Counts Per Minute).

This is San Diego 2006. What event caused this? (Focus on CPM)

Just Maybe? it was something like this:

Or (The below video, you will have to watch directly through YouTube) Sorry.

Just to Review (the below video came out in 2012), ignored by administration after administration.

This a bit more technical, but this shows you the air Quality in Bakersfield in 2013 and then 2018

Look carefully. Look at these bands of radiation in the air, the ones above 1000 were not present in 2010. If you don't believe me, search for the truth:
EPA RADNET. Download some numbers and see for yourself. 

Why is it worrisome if our air is becoming more and more radioactive?
For one, Lung cancer, the most common cancer in the world, is a radiation induced cancer. That sounds shocking, but read the facts below. I don't endorse smoking because of the cardiovascular effects and nasty smell, btw. If, as a society, we don't want lung cancer, we should not be getting extra radiation at any cost. I think restrictions on CT scanning should be considered with the above warning labels clearly advertised to patients. There are alternatives to imaging, such as MRI or Ultrasound that do not use ionizing radiation, but will they be ready to handle the patient load? 

What is a safe distance from a nuclear reactor if the wastes end up in the water?

Do you want to know what you can do? Create change. 

It is not safe if you can't deal with the existing nuclear waste.

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