Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Are Cell Phones Safe?

External Radiation

Are Cell phones safe? Ask the Health Physics Society and look at the publications they make:

There is naturally occurring radiation from cosmic rays, UV rays, even gamma rays among other events that are again, naturally occurring. 

There is a great small piece in the section on cellular and mobile phones:

What, exactly is short vs long term? I think I better keep that thing away from my head for sure, because that article was in 2008, and we were just heavily using 3G then. 4G was just approved, and now we are at 5G, which is probably really unsafe for us and the creatures on the planet. It is no joke that the bees disappeared. What if the birds disappeared and the sea life went into the depths? How eerie isolation would be from the common cold. No wonder our immune systems are compromised. 

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