Monday, April 27, 2020

Where does the radiation we get come from?

There are several sources of radiation, which weakens all our immune systems, that we get. Lets discuss a few disturbing sources in the environment first:


Ocean water which circulates throughout the world:

Why is it a problem?

Because the currents from Japan land upon the western coast of North America, particles will become aerosolized and has been captured by air sensors along the coast of the US, particularly Portland and the San Francisco Bay area. Because they can not get to the core of the reactors, this has progressed steadily and cleanup is not going to be done for another 40 years. What are they going to do with the waste on an island? This is exponentially growing, and because it is entering the soil, it is everywhere. This can rain down and have global impact because many of these isotopes are water soluble. Noone is safe. The EPA has been dismantled and the rates at which the collectors for radiation have increased at an alarming over the last 25 years. This is the air we breathe along all coasts throughout the world. This is the water we drink.
It makes sense that Monsanto would have patents on their seeds.
The Future is not Fossil Fuel nor is it Nuclear. They both pollute. Unfortunately if you account for all places with nuclear power plants that are along waterways, the truth is that the water is going to get more and more radioactive. This is a significant source and will get worse with time.  

Here is a nice image of where the reactors are in the US, many are along waterways to cool the reactor:

Do they ever have problems? No, never. The clean up is perfect and pristine with all their waste too! Don't kid yourself.

In fact, they are so safe, you should live on those sites!! You plant some trees and inject some molasses, and you are good to go, because you can't get sued? What a fantastic Idea :-)

Maybe years later you can deal with this:

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